Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

At Environmental Projects we have built an expert team to manage and deliver environmental impact assessments for projects and proposals of any size.

We have the experience and capability to prepare documentation that will satisfy agency requirements and enable them to understand your project and assess or recommendations for decisions regarding:

  • planning consents for development applications, major developments or major projects
  • mining tenements, leases or licences
  • approvals, permitting or licensing for activities under various regulatory state and/or federal frameworks (for example, the Mining Act 1971, Environment Protection Act 1993, EPBC Act 1999, Native Vegetation Act 1991).

We manage specialist investigations, surveys, modelling, technical experiments and studies to facilitate or clarify scopes of work for impact assessments and we understand the potential impacts that an activity, proposal or project may have on environmental, social and economic values.

Our ability to provide clear and complete information in a concise manner is based on our sound knowledge of legislation, its application and its regulation, in jurisdictions across Australia.