Mining Operational Environmental Management and Compliance

At Environmental Projects we provide important environmental management and compliance support to a number of mining companies operating in South Australia. This work supports our clients mining activities and their associated compliance obligations, and ensures mine plan and closure activities progress.

We provide advice and assistance to our clients in liaison with government assessment and compliance officers, and use specialist technical experts as subconsultants and vital service providers to deliver environmental management and monitoring programs, and associated documentation for development, operation, closure and completion of mining activities.

Documentation development, including review and improvement/updates are completed by us to the standard required to achieve regulatory compliance. We also provide third-party review, gap analysis, audit and peer review.

We can assist you with:

  • mining proposals
  • program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR)
  • environmental management systems
  • management plans and monitoring programs
  • native vegetation plans and significant environmental benefits
  • annual compliance reports
  • self-assessments and notifications for PEPR updates
  • mine closure plans
  • mine operation plans (MOP) and associated management plans.

aerial photo of Challenger gold operation