Did you know the 8th – 14th of March is National Groundwater Awareness Week? Groundwater is an integral part of life around the globe. In Australia, groundwater makes up over 30% of our total water consumption. Some groundwater is fresh and can be used for drinking, other groundwater can be too saline or contain high levels of dissolved chemicals, making it unsuitable for human consumption or stock water.

At Environmental Projects we have experienced site contamination and impact assessment teams, and strong relationships with respected hydrogeologists and groundwater modellers, who can help you with your groundwater assessments. We routinely complete risk-based investigations for site assessments (soil, groundwater and vapour) and environmental impact assessments for new or operating sites. We inform risk assessments, due diligence reviews, develop remediation action plans, and assist clients with whole-of-site management of contamination issues, including facilitating communications with regulators and stakeholders; and devise useful and practical environmental monitoring programs.