Good luck Derrick!

In 2019 we had the opportunity to accommodate a PhD candidate, Dr Derrick Sowa, as an intern with Environmental Projects as a result of signing up to a partnership with University of Adelaide to support an Industry Engagement Program placement, coordinated by the Adelaide Graduate Centre of the Division of Research and Innovation.

Following the completion of the intern program at the end of 2019, and Derrick’s successful graduation, we gained a bright new Graduate, as part of our team – Dr Derrick Sowa. During his time with us Derrick gained invaluable working experience in environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, regulatory approvals and in site assessment programs as part of contaminated site investigations. We like to think, that the quality on-the-job training and team mentoring, instigated by the partnership between us and Adelaide Uni, played an important part of Derrick’s recent application assessment and resulting success in being offered a position at the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM)!

We wish Derrick all the best in his new government position, we will miss you but we’re sure we’ll see him around the local neighbourhood.