While the world has gone dormant as this wave of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation passes by, Environmental Projects are still working hard to meet deadlines and deliver projects. For the past two months our team has been working from home and with our already flexible online system it was actually quite easy! For some, this time has been a good reminder to slow down, to check in with themselves and take a breath. But for others it has been a rough rollercoaster full of insecurity, doubts and sadness. We have made a conscious effort to check in with all our team regularly in these troubling times, as mental health issues have skyrocketed these past few months.

But as restrictions are slowly starting to lift, we are gradually making our way back to the office to get our fix of face to face social interaction and seeing the city again; and lucky for us our office is quite spacey, so social distancing has been easy. We have made extra commitments to keeping our office clean and sanitised and marked out safe distances on the floor to aid the safety of our staff. We all agree it’s been refreshing to see each other’s faces again and to be away from home, who would’ve thought any of us would say that!

We hope you are all doing well and looking after yourselves, remember to reach out if you need support for it is more important now than ever.

image of laptop on desk to illustrate example of working from home in 2020